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Electric bike rental in Bran area, Brașov. Join sustainable and eco-friendly tourism! With us you will get to know the "other Bran" effortlessly and in a very fun way, with options for the whole family. Now also for Mountain Bike lovers, rent the latest generation electric MTB bikes with E-Bike Rent!

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The local routes

  • Bran (Predeluț) - Șimon - Valea Gaura

    Leaving from the E-Bike Rent center, we take the paved road leading to Bran Castle, we pass by it going towards Moieciu and after...

  • Bran (Predeluț) - Raitești - Sohodol - Tohanu Nou - Predeluț

    Leaving from the E-Bike Rent center, we go on the paved road that leads to Bran Castle, we turn left on Liviu Popovici Street, then...

  • Brașov - Bran

    GPS From Brasov to Bran - Cycling Route - Bikemap Off-road variant to get from Brasov to Bran, route recommended for MTB bikes because...

Bran (Predeluț) - Șimon - Valea Gaura

Leaving from the E-Bike Rent center, we take the paved road leading to Bran Castle, we pass by it going towards Moieciu and after about 1 km we reach the intersection with the road that runs along the Simon Valley.

We turn left and climb gently up through the houses and guesthouses of Șimon, on the paved road until it is replaced by a forest road that climbs smoothly alongside the Șimon stream. After another 5 km we reach the intersection of the mountain trails to Guțanu and Valea Gaura.

From this point of the route you can see the Buceg ridge, on the left is Vf. Lancia and on the right Doamnele Mountain. We go forward, after less than 1 km the road becomes more difficult, full of boulders, sometimes quite steep. After a while we reach the place where the tourist trail follows the path that winds through the fir trees, leaving the valley. It's time to turn back, from this point the climb is particularly steep.

Watch out for dogs, sometimes there are even flocks in the Simon Valley.

Multiple supply points in the village of Simon.

Along the route there are also several springs for water supply.

Our values


We provide our customers with the latest and most advanced equipment.


We respect nature and everyone we interact with.


We pass on to customers our love of movement and the discovery of new places.


Why us?

Preparing for cycling
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Discover the benefits of cycling on mountain trails suitable for all cycling enthusiasts!

Pedal through green hills and long valleys and get into the heart of the mountains to enjoy the natural splendour of the Bran area, an ideal area for either relaxing rides for yourself or adrenaline-filled adventures with your friends!

Bike rental


  • How do I rent a bike?

    You choose the bike you want, select the date and time you want to pick it up and book it. All you need is a valid ID (ID card, passport or driving licence) and a bank card for payment. *Please note that the bike handover and instruction takes about 15 minutes.

  • What is included in the rental price?

    We provide the bikes with the necessary equipment (helmet and anti-theft system) and they can be completed with an extra battery, a set of hand, elbow and knee protectors, a child seat, a bike rack and a set of lights for longer rides.

  • My bike is lost or stolen, what should I do?

    You need to report the incident to the authorities and notify us immediately. In case of theft you must fill in a report at a police station and provide us with a copy of the report.