About us

E-Bike Rent is a philosophy, a way of enjoying life in all its forms and living in harmony with nature. At E-Bike Rent we are dedicated to beauty, nature and the people around us.

We like to share our philosophy with friends, clients and collaborators because we believe that together we can go a long way. We will be happy to share with you simple practices, tips and ideas to make your experiences on the trails around Bran memorable and worthy of sharing with others!

How much time have you devoted to your passions lately? Have you done anything for your soul? When was the last time you explored new places or went on a mountain getaway to catch an majestic sunset in a setting where you the sky speaks in a thousand colours?

Allow yourself to pedal along Bran's unexpected paths, to gaze at the grandeur and to let yourself be amazed by the landscapes Bran has to offer. Pedal with us and awaken your senses to fully perceive the cycling experience!

Come and enjoy our natural paradise with E-Bike Rent electric bikes. We offer you the chance to experience the most iconic places in our area in a different way. Enjoy nature in a healthy way, whether you choose to ride our suggested routes or opt for new routes to ride with your friends!

Whether you're looking for a low-difficulty trail or you're an expert mountain biker, pedaling on two wheels through Bran's fairytale landscapes will win you over in no time! Rent E-Bike Rent electric bikes and explore the Bran area like never before!

We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art rental e-bikes so if you have any questions about them, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our electric bikes always come with a charged battery, a theft protection system and a helmet. You can request a wide variety of optional accessories (extra battery, set of hand, elbow and knee protectors, child seat, bike carrier and light set for longer rides).

In addition, at E-Bike Rent we are committed to advising you on the choice of route according to your preferences. We will adapt as much as possible to give you a unique and unforgettable experience. Included in our facilities is the necessary training for the correct use of the bike so that you can enjoy this activity to the full.

E-Bike Rent is here to inspire any cyclist to have a ride as relaxing or as exciting as possible! If you want to get even more out of the places you ride through, our Reaction Hybrid Pro's fourth-generation Bosch CX motor, Purion controller and our bikes' high-capacity Powertube battery give you the power you need to explore your surroundings!

The E-Bike Rent space aims to become a meeting place for environmentally friendly people, outdoor activities, bikes and sustainable tourism.

Have you set your meeting point? Come visit us at E-Bike Rent and say "YES" to adventure on two wheels!

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E-Bike Rent's mission is to support those eager to discover the sights, as well as those who want to venture off the beaten path with electric bikes that meet even the most demanding requirements.

From easy rides to more demanding trails or even challenging MTB routes suitable for mountain biking enthusiasts, E-Bike Rent bikes are the element that will accompany you on your adventure!


E-Bike Rent's vision is to realistically anticipate the needs of our customers, to provide them with the satisfaction they seek, and to instill in them the idea that beyond being just a means of getting around, mountain biking is the tool to access memorable sensations in an already iconic setting.


Excellence in service. We provide our customers with the latest and most efficient equipment.

Quality and efficiency. For your enjoyment anywhere.

Respect for our customers and partners. We offer and demand respect in all business relationships.

Passion. We pass on to our customers to love being active and discovering new places.